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Everything You Need to Know about LED Batten Light

Battens have come along the way within the last couple of years with the technologies of LED. Today, batten lighting has lots of different choices as opposed to each and every batten being 2×36 fluorescent battens. LED battens now are a lot more streamlined with a minimalist and slim appearance but still place out the exact same brightness.

This is great because four-foot fluorescent battens are a true eye saw but at this point, with LED battens they are able to adjust the fittings to make a much cleaner and less industrial look. The very best thing about battens is they are really realistic with a genuine bright light and large beam angles. When purchasing your LED battens, you need to consider a few important things.

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LED Batten Light Buying Considerations

IP Rating

The IP rated is the light that is ideal for outdoor or indoor. When the application is for outdoors, then simply go with IP65, this is a higher rating that will guard against dust and water. In case you are purchasing an indoor opt for an IP65 as it will still defend from physical impacts and dust, or else an IP20 is excellent also with a most batten that is still sealed.


There is a lot of fluorescent batten and tubes around with individuals still replacing the ballasts and tubes. This is a terrible idea as it is now possible to purchase for T8 LED immediate replacement tubes. LED makes use of 50% less power and runs five times longer compared to fluorescent tubes. LED tubes also today perform much better in brightness and mimic a fluorescent tubing without you understanding the difference. Therefore, constantly go with LED for your batten light. LED tubes will also be much safer and much better for the earth with fluorescent tubes that contain mercury.

Integrated LED or LED Tubes

Most LED battens marketed these days are integrated. This means that when the light batten dies essentially toss it out which is not the best idea as you are going to need to change as well as get an electrician to come back again and change. This may cost you around $200 with the phone call out rate. When a manufacturer makes a thing integrated they are able to help make it more efficient with high-temperature sinks and clicking up the overall performance as there is just as much technology you are able to fit right into a tube.

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Battens are available in several sizes such as 1 ft., 2 ft., 3 ft., 4 ft., and 5 ft., always attempt to go with four feet as this is probably the most common batten offered so it is going to be cheaper and easier to change as they are mass-produced. In the event that you would like a smaller batten next search for two feet.

Color Temperature

This is essential to get right in case you’re installing LED battens in job environments for example garages, workshops, kitchens, warehouses, etc. You need to look using the heat of a minimum of 5000k as this particular color spectrum reacts with the human brain most in keeping active and alert. If the application must suit a heritage or regular set up then you can appear using a 3000k or 4000k and this can soften the light to produce warmth and ambiance more.