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3 Reasons Why You Should Install Ceiling Fan at Home

A lot of homes nowadays have ceiling fans, even those that are already enjoying the benefits of having a fresh breeze. One of the most affordable types of cooling would be fans. The good thing, aside from being cost-friendly, they allow air to circulate freely in the home. Way back in ancient times, fans have been greatly utilized to deal with tropical heat. However, did you know that a fan can also be used during winter? Below are some of the benefits it has to offer.

Ceiling Fan Benefits

During summer, having a fan can help make a room feel up to eight degrees cooler than it usually is. Such is mainly because the cooler air is near the floor. Depending on the direction where the fan is spinning, it could either drag the air up to cool the room or push the warm air down during winter. By leaning the fan’s blade edges down and letting it rotate clockwise or counterclockwise you can have such an awesome effect. In addition, the rotation creates a breeze that can help with the feeling of stuffiness inside the room and this is helpful.

More Savings

What makes a ceiling fan more interesting is the fact that you can get a lot of savings when using it. You can save up to 40% on electricity costs, thus helping the air conditioning, so the unit will not have to work hard and this is thanks to the eight degree difference it offers. There is nothing saying that you could not run these two together, so you get this, or just rely on your fan alone if it is not extremely hot. In case the AC unit happens to go out, you will have a backup, instead of being stuck stifling with no form of cooling inside the house. A great energy-star rated fan could offer more efficiency simply by spinning 15% more as compared to other types of ceiling fans.

indoor ceiling fan
indoor ceiling fan

When you are buying a fan, you will be spending far less than when buying and installing an air conditioning system. Even if you have it already, you will be offsetting the costs with the amount of savings you get from your electricity bill.

Safety Feature

Having a built-in ceiling fan is an amazing safety feature. A lot of floor fans could easily break and tip and can even be dangerous for the kids. They come with fast blades that are spinning round and round.

On the other hand, having it on the ceiling means there will be fewer accidents as they would be up and out of people’s way. Most fans are placed at about 12 inches below ceiling; thus, it is not likely to be touched accidentally. Moreover, this could make the home a lot less cluttered with cooling and heating devices.


One benefit that is often overlooked is its aesthetic addition. A home that is nice is pleasing to the eyes. And if you decide to sell it, this will help increase its value. Today, fans come in a great range of styles and shapes that could almost every home. There are also so many designs and brands to choose from today. There are those that come with lights and offer more versatile choices. It will all be up to you.