How Certain Food Items Help Increase Testosterone Level According to TRT Sydney Doctors

TRT Sydney doctors are encouraging people with low testosterone to be mindful of the food items they consume if they seriously want to raise their current T-levels. Testosterone is what the medical community would refer to as the male sex hormone. It is responsible for giving a man his male characteristics. Besides it also has a crucial role to play in terms of his sexual functions, fertility, muscle mass, and bone health.

The amount of testosterone in a man’s body is inversely proportional to his age. This means to say that as he advances in age, the natural tendency of his body is to produce lesser amounts of testosterone. The scientific community reckons that the drop in this important hormone would be ranging from 1 to 2% per year.

However, there are several lifestyle choices, medical conditions, and a host of other factors that can actually impact the amount of this hormone inside the male human body. Aside from testosterone replacement therapy Sydney, drastic changes to lifestyle, and giving your dietary habits a 360-degree turn are likely to help an awful lot in increasing your T-levels.

Below are a few of the simple food items that will help your body increase its current T-levels.


Ginger tea

Apart from culinary purposes, another important reason why ginger is so popular today as to how it was even during the ancient times, has something to do with its medicinal properties. Modern study shows this root has an important role to play in as far as improving fertility in men is concerned.

A 2012 study shows that a daily supplement of ginger for about 3 consecutive months will help increase a man’s T-levels by at least 17.7%. The research involved the participation of 75 adult men who are medically diagnosed as suffering from some kind of fertility issues. Aside from this, the study is also showing positive signs that ginger may actually help in improving sperm health.

And then there was this report in 2013, it indicated that ginger has a significant role to play in increasing testosterone production. Additionally in a span of 30 days only, ginger helped increase the antioxidant levels of a diabetic rat model.


Green leafy vegetables such as kale, Swiss chard, and spinach are super rich in magnesium. This mineral is crucial to the bodies of people suffering from decreased amounts of testosterone in their system. Therefore, increased consumption of leafy vegetables high in magnesium will work to their advantage in as far as increasing their T-levels is concerned.

salad spinach

Excellent food items that are rich sources of magnesium are:

  • nuts and seeds
  • beans and lentils
  • whole grains


Onions not only give dishes the umami taste we are craving for in our food, but they also bring along a string of health-promoting benefits when we incorporate them into our cooking and food preparation habits. Aside from their strong antioxidant properties and being a good source of certain nutrients, onion is known to promote the good health of the heart and may even help you have a slimmer waistline.

Onions can also help the male human body to increase its production of testosterone. In a 2012 study, a group of researchers using a rat model for the experiment found out that administering fresh onion juice for a minimum of 4 consecutive weeks will help increase their T-levels. However, the effect of such in humans may require further research or study.  


The natural tendency of the male human body as it advances in age is to decrease its production of this important hormone, but there are occasions that the drop is due to medications or certain medical conditions.

Certain foods such as green leafy vegetables, oysters, olive oil and fatty fish may help in inducing the body to increase its production of testosterone. In addition, food items that are high in vitamin D, zinc, and magnesium will also help a lot.


How to Identify a Good Doctor for Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

If you are convinced that you have all the trappings of a suitable candidate for testosterone replacement therapy, but you are finding it hard to identify a reputable TRT doctor willing to prescribe it to you then carry on in reading this content now.

All of us will age and part of this natural aging process is the slow down of our body’s production of hormones. In the case of women, when their bodies start to reduce the production of their female sex hormone (estrogen), the medical community would describe the phase as menopause. The counterpart of this in men is andropause or the gradual reduction of the production of the male sex hormone, testosterone.

man jogging

The medical world is not giving us a conclusive reason as to when exactly the male human body should begin to slow down its production of testosterone. There are cases that it would start in childhood as evidenced by an infant’s micropenis or the inability of the penis to enlarge according to the age of a boy. Some would start in their 30s, but most men would experience noticeable symptoms until they read the age of 40 years old and above.

I am sharing below tried and tested tips to help you find a good testosterone replacement therapy around Sydney.

Tip #1

Consider reaching out to your local compounding pharmacies for this. The vast majority of medications throughout the 19th century can be attributed to a local pharmacist and his compounding work. What is involved here is the combining, mixing, and altering ingredients of a particular medication in the hope of coming up with a tailor-made formula to meet the specific needs of a patient?

The majority of the over-the-counter medications we have today are made by several giant pharmaceutical companies that are being sold to the market via their network of pharmacy chains. You will now scarcely find independent pharmacists who are still practicing the science and the art of compounding medications.

If you happen to come across a local pharmacy offering compounding help, they could offer you an array of local integrative medicine professionals. These medical people are most likely in the know about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Tip # 2 

Our second tip is to encourage you to check out men’s health forums as well as online bodybuilding sites. Normally these sites have a dedicated section for men’s health and well-being who are over 40 years old. Sometimes these sections would center around testosterone replacement therapy.

TRT doctors would sometimes indicate on these sites their contact information as well as reviews on their services. They would also let you know what their asking prices are for various medical services they offer.

Tip # 3 

The Life Extension directory. This is an online directory of medical professionals who specialize in anti-aging works. It may look like an online directory from the surface but it comes with the functionality of a search engine.

If you check it out you will see that it will give you access to a comprehensive listing of global medical professionals who practice integrative medicine. They utilize hormones, nutritional interventions, and dietary supplements for this purpose.

And now for our final tip is about the nurse practitioners and the naturopaths. Some of the most developed countries, to alleviate the heavy burden they wrought to their health care systems would allow nurse practitioners and naturopaths to offer relevant bioidentical hormones and make it part of their offered program for integrative wellness.

Why reach out to a seasoned TRT doctor? They hold the most relevant and accurate answers that you may have concerning testosterone replacement therapy. They can help clear up your mind whatever is bothering you about it.

Overall, these medical professionals will educate you about what TRT can and can’t do for you in as far as improving the quality of your life is concerned.


How to Thicken Hair with the Help of a Volumizing Shampoo?

Contrary to popular understanding, thinning of hair in women is just as common as it is in men. If you are seeing the visible signs already that your crowning glory is gradually betraying you and you want to know how to thicken hair by using shampoo alone, know that it is going to be a tricky one at best. 

With a gamut of volumizing shampoo brands, each one promising to restore the full volume of hair you once had, it can become a real challenge to decipher which one in the market will provide you with real results.  

How to Thicken Hair the Shampoo Volumizing Way

Shampoo formulations that are teeming with highly effective components in them and blended with unique technologies have shown positive results in as far as thickening hair volume is concerned. Volumizing hair shampoos work on thickening hair in several ways. 

First, they would cleanse and exfoliate your scalp. This will help in removing deep-seated residue deposits left behind by various hair styling products you used in the past. It will also help clear your hair follicles of accumulated shampoo dregs which are usually found at the base of the hair roots. All these are part and parcel of preparatory work, a foundation for the perfect environment so your hair will grow healthy. 

It is also an effective way to fortify your hair, strengthen its shaft, and veer it away from becoming brittle and weak. This means that it will render your hair strands stronger and not likely to break, and with that, there is a good chance that dormant hair follicles will reawaken and grow hairs again.

What to Look for in Hair Volumizing Shampoo? 

As stated above, provided that you choose a volumizing shampoo that has the right components in it, you are onto a winner. So the next million-dollar question we have here is what exactly are those ingredients you need to keep an eye for? And how can they help in the hair regrowing process? 

Beta Glucan

A plant derivative, this natural compound has been found to enhance collagen synthesis which helps improve hair strength against breakage. It also comes with a soothing effect on the scalp and reduces swelling and redness. 

Salicylic acid

Salicylic acid is a very popular ingredient. It is widely used in the skincare industry due to its incredible exfoliant properties. It works by eliminating dead and dull skin that is found in the upper layer of the skin. It also decongests blocked hair follicles and removes accumulated oil build-up, debris, and dirt. If you are in the habit of using topical growth serums, salicylic acid will help in better absorption of the product into your scalp. 

Pea Sprout Extract

This natural extract is usually added to hair volumizing shampoo products because they can help in stimulating hair cells. In addition to this, it also helps in providing needed density and thickness to the hair.  

Chamomile and aloe vera

These two ingredients are commonly used in shampoo products, regardless if it is volumizing or just an ordinary type of shampoo. These two saviors are known to have antioxidant properties and help in the fight against free-radical damage on the scalp itself and hair. 

These two usual components in shampoos work hand in hand to heal the skin and scalp. Therefore, it helps in promoting a healthier and happier base for new hair growth. Using volumizing shampoos that has these two as among its base ingredients is sure to give you real results

natural hair thickening shampoo

Wrapping Up!

Aside from keeping an eye on what a good volumizing shampoo should be comprised of, those of us who are still figuring out how to thicken hair strands by this means should be opting for shampoo formulations that are intended for use by both men and women. But most importantly, choose a brand that is backed by the scientific community with research and  positive results.  

In the meantime, while trying to figure out what brand of volumizing shampoo is the best match for your hair and scalp, you may consider the use of hair fibers. Hair fibers are known to effectively help in camouflaging thinning hair.

And since high-quality hair building products are made from keratin fibers (the very protein from which human hair is made from), applying them on the scalp gives you natural-looking hair.

Health Home Improvement

The Benefits of Australian Plunge Pools

In the absence of something better, people nowadays are turning their eyes on the Australian plunge pools. Over the last few years, it has been enjoying increased popularity since homeowners today are shying away from conventional swimming pools. One of the many reasons why traditional pools are becoming less popular by the day is the obvious fact that these outdoor water entertainment features consume valuable real estate space. Aside from this, they also require a significant amount of money and time for their upkeep or maintenance. 

If you are thinking of revamping your outdoor living space, do you think that installing Australian plunge pools will be of good help? Is it the right choice for you? 

Are Australian Plunge Pools Right for Your Home? 

If you have been ruminating on whether you should buy out a swim spa for sale or not, or if you are finding yourself on a tough call decision between a traditional pool and a lap pool, you must do some research first and examine the potential pros and cons that usually comes with each one of them.

What Takes Place During a Workout? 

After engaging yourself in physical exercises, the natural tendency of our muscles is to go through tiny tears or microtraumas, and this usually takes place within the individual muscle fibers. When this occurs, it will induce an increase in cell activity causing the muscle fiber to commence on the self-repair process.

On the other hand, microtraumas can also bring about another condition, Inflammation, and Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness or DOMS.  

Why Does Cold Plunge Pools Work? 

If you have your own cold water plunge pool, its low water temperatures will significantly help in minimizing muscle inflammation. Many athletes nowadays are discovering the benefits of immersing their bodies in the cold water plunge pool. Doing so will help them enjoy the benefits of microtraumas sans the physical pain caused by DOMS. 

The low temperature of water in a cold plunge pool will soothe your inflamed muscles and minimize the swelling or soreness and pain. By this measure, post-workout recovery can be facilitated fast and in no time. 

Hot Plunge Pools, Can They Help Too?

Hot plunges are best used before engaging oneself in a workout activity. This will help loosen up your muscles and increase your flexibility and blood flow. It is important to increase your muscle flexibility first before engaging in a workout or exercise routine because this leads to lesser or reduced muscle strain. Therefore, you are going to experience a more fulfilling and productive exercise session. 

Using Hot and Cold Plunge Pools for Contrast Therapy

When you speak of post-workout treatment, you are pertaining to contrast therapy. This involves the use of both hot and cold water in your plunge pool. This is the working idea behind contrast therapy, your muscles will constrict when subject to the low temperature of cold water, but hot water will cause your blood vessels to expand. 

When you systematically move from a low-temperature cold water pool going to a hot water pool, the natural reaction of your blood flow is to increase and when this happens, it will stimulate proper blood circulation. While this is taking place, the natural tendency of your muscles is to flush out its inflammation mediators. This is a good thing to see because it will help in accelerating your muscle’s healing process. Alongside this, it will also decrease any long term impact of DOMS.  

Did you know that athletic trainers are aware of the multifaceted benefits of using hot and cold plunges? They know that it is significantly helpful in creating the ultimate recovery, conditioning, and revitalization environment. 

A cold plunge chiller system can be used to keep the water temperature within a range of 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10°c). Keeping the temperature within this range is important in such a way that it helps in enhancing muscle recovery and controlling joint inflammation

A hot plunge pool can help in keeping the water warm, with temperatures as high as 104-degrees Fahrenheit or 40°c, which is essentially important in keeping your muscles relaxed when you’re soaking in the pool.


Natural Ways to Deal with Female Hair Loss

It is wrong to think that men have the sole monopoly over thinning of hair, balding, and hair loss issues because a significant number of women today are also suffering from female hair loss. However, the differentiating factor here lies in how these 2 genders handle a problem like this.

Unlike men, hair loss in women is an urgent concern for them. If men tend to take this issue in a stride, reasoning that it is a part and parcel of the natural aging process and there’s nothing much they can do about it, women are more inclined to take on a different approach here.

Women will try their very best to look for many different ways of hair loss treatment that will possibly help reverse their hair loss issues or whatever alternative solution they think will put an end to their thinning hair concerns.

If you are currently suffering from female hair loss, you must get first into the root of the problem. The following natural elements are believed to help restore the growth of healthy hair

Coconut Milk

Did it ever cross your mind as to the reason why the vast majority of shampoos and hair conditioners in the market of yesteryears and nowadays are always making use of coconut as its base ingredient? One reason behind this is that coconut and all its product derivatives have potent moisturizing abilities.

It so happens that among the primary reasons for male and female hair loss is due to damaged scalp brought about by its dryness. To reverse hair fallout due to the dryness of the scalp and do it naturally, a daily scalp massage using coconut milk will be of significant help.

Apple Cider Vinegar

If dry scalp can induce hair loss, so too when your hair follicles are clogged for some reason. They can get blocked and when this happens, they can be deprived of oil. This will eventually induce the growth of bacteria and the scarcity of oil may lead to thinning of hair. In the worst-case scenario, it may even induce baldness.

To address clogged follicles, you may consider rinsing your scalp with a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar. This is considered as among the most natural ways to unclog pores in your scalp and free it from any kind of shampoo or soap residue. It even cleanses the follicles from dead skin, and thus promote healthier hair to grow again.

Cayenne Pepper

If you are not an avid fan of spices, particularly of cayenne pepper, you better start adding up a bottle of this spice not just for your cooking and food preparation needs but also for maintaining good hair growth.

They contain capsaicin, which helps induce intense blood flow to your scalp. Increased blood flow in the scalp means more oxygen and vital nutrients are delivered to your hair follicles which translates to having faster and healthier growth of hair strands.

Safflower Oil

Together with jojoba oil and rosemary, safflower oil can be taken advantage of to rejuvenate dry hair follicles. Besides, it is also very helpful in fighting off dandruff.

Safflower oil can help renew your dry scalp by seeping deep into your hair follicles. By this, within are strengthened and nourished. Much like how coconut milk is used to moisturize the scalp, the same technique can be used to safflower oil, too. Regular use will promote hair growth that is visibly shinier, more dynamic and vibrant.

Wrapping Up!

What we have shared above are just a few of the many different ways you can try and choose from to help promote hair growth. The idea behind here is, there are many available options that you can try, but then again there is no surefire guarantee that they will always work.

However, if in case the span of time it will take for you to see visible results is not something you can afford, and you need immediate results right away, the best alternative you can have here is a bottle of hair thickening fibres. They are natural hair thickeners that give you the illusion of a full volume of hair on your head.

However, they may only work if you only have thinning hair. Using such products on an area of your scalp that has been rendered bald is ineffective and not highly advisable. Hair building fibres need to attach themselves to existing hair strands to give you the look of a full volume of hair again. So, the absence of which would render the hair fibres to just fall off on your head.


When Should You Consider Taking TRT Hormone Treatment in Melbourne?

Due to the increasing popularity of testosterone replacement therapy today, TRT hormone in Melbourne is fast becoming the word of mouth of many people. Indeed, it has become a popular topic, particularly in the medical scientific community.

We can attribute this fact to the countless number of men, not just here in Australia, but in many different parts of the globe also, including the US and Canada. They are comprised of middle-aged and senior men, who are turning their attention to this hormone therapy procedure in an attempt to find a way to address what they perceive as a reduced amount of the hormone that is responsible for making them characteristically male.

There are many preconceived notions about TRT hormone, about what it does and what it does not do. Some men think that TRT is invigorating and would make them feel more energetic, enhance their mental acuity, and render them sexually functional again. The majority of men think that TRT replacement therapy is the answer to their growing health concerns.

So, the underlying question here is when is the best time for us to take up a TRT treatment program. How do we know that it could hurt more than help? If you are suspecting you may be a likely candidate for TRT program, you need to reach out to a qualified TRT doctor first for a consultation and for you to undergo proper test procedures.

Take a Cautious Approach

There is still a lot to do with TRT hormone treatment in Melbourne in terms of carrying out a more comprehensive, definitive trial to men. Until that day has come to pass, try to have a more cautious take on TRT therapy.

First, take stock of your health. 

  • Have you thought of any other possible underlying reasons why you are easily fatigued, have a diminished interest in sex, or can’t reach or sustain an erection, among many other symptoms we usually associate to low testosterone? 

Like for instance, are you seeing to it that you always have a balanced, nutritious diet? Do you engage yourself in an exercise program? Are you always having a good night’s sleep? Get yourself into this line of thinking first before thinking of TRT therapy as your final resolve.

  • If you used to have an active sex life, see to it that you have ruled out any psychological or relationship issues first, because there is a high chance that they could be contributing a lot here. 
  • Are you thinking that your erectile dysfunction is induced by having a reduced amount of testosterone in your system? Did you know that cardiovascular disease can also lead to erectile dysfunction? 

Submit Yourself to an Accurate Assessment

  • What you can have with a misrepresented or inaccurate test result for TRT is a missed case of testosterone deficiency or a falsely diagnosed health condition. Know that the best time to measure your testosterone level should be between 7 am to 10 am. This is the time of the day that this hormone is at its peak. 

Measuring out your body’s T-level other than we suggest here would run the risk of having an increased margin of error, hence, the results would be highly questionable.

If your initial testosterone reading is low, it is highly recommended that you seek a second opinion. But this time around, it should be carried out on another date and not on the same day as your first test, but still between 7 am to 10 am. A qualified endocrinologist is the best medical professional to look for if you are seeking for secondary TRT screening test.

  • If you are undergoing TRT treatment already, you need to see your TRT doctor periodically. This way your attending physician would be able to perform testosterone checks on you, and perhaps even other lab tests that he may deem necessary for you to take.

The purpose of this measure is to make sure that the hormone treatment program you are having, which is a lifetime commitment, is not causing any kind of disruption to your prostate gland or inducing any harm to your blood chemistry.  Proper monitoring is the operative word here.

TRT treatment Melbourne

Set the Right and Realistic Expectations

It is wrong to think that the purpose of TRT treatment is to help put an end to all your health issues, but there is a good possibility that it will significantly help in improving the quality of your life.

It may not restore the sexual function or physical fitness that you used to have, it may not even make you live long, keep you away from the prostate and all. Do not allow yourself to have this wrong line of thinking and seek TRT therapy have all these kinds of expectations in mind.


How Much Does Bariatric Surgery Cost and Other Important Considerations

Clinical obesity is a kind of condition that is affecting so many people, leading to different life-threatening conditions. With this, weight loss surgeries seem like miraculous solutions to such a problem. These surgeries can help improve and cure up to 30% of obesity-related diseases. But realistically speaking, these surgeries come with a cost.

One of the popular surgeries that people suffering from obesity undergo is bariatric surgery. For those who plan to have this surgery, it is important to consider some important factors first, especially the cost and find out if you can afford it. Below are what you need to know about the surgery in addition to knowing how much a bariatric surgery cost.

Type of Surgery

Before going into the costs, it is important to clarify what the term means and how bariatric sleeve surgery works. Basically, bariatric surgery is a wide field and various surgical procedures are available. Every procedure is unique and has its own list of expenses, costs, and risk profiles. The procedure comes in two different types. The first one restricts food intake and the other one interferes with the ability of the body to absorb nutrients from food.

The former is also referred to as stomach stapling or lap band surgery. This includes vertical banding, gastric bypass, and adjustable banding of the stomach. The cost is dependent on the kind of procedure that the patient will choose, where it will be performed, and the expertise of the surgeon.


Making a decision in favor of having an adjustable gastric bypass or other forms of surgeries for weight loss is a balancing act. But it is important to know that there come some risks of an invasive weight loss surgery under general anesthesia. On the other hand, you can greatly reduce the risks of being obese, like high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. The damages that are caused by these illnesses are so great that the minor risks of surgery are just secondary to the more important goal of helping a person lose weight safely and quickly.

Factors that Contribute to Bariatric Surgery Cost

It’s a given that the surgery will cost, but the exact amount is determined by different factors and can be a case to case basis. The type of surgery chosen is one factor. For example, gastric binding may cost lesser compared to more invasive procedures. Other factors that could affect the cost is the location where the surgery will be performed, as well as the time that should be spent in the hospital. The cost can vary widely, not just from one facility to the next, but even from one patient to another. The best way to do it is to secure a written estimate of costs for the surgery that you are considering undergoing before you make the final decision. If you want to find out more about other weight-loss surgeries, click this link here for more information that will help combat obesity.